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Quality & Style with a South American Touch



Welcome to Parrilla Natural. Set in one of the most idyllic locations in the Algarve, our Uruguayan inspired restaurant has an abundance of personality. We pride ourselves on using only the very best natural ingredients, including our signature beef range which is 100% grass fed and finished, high in omega 3 and vitamin E and low in saturated fats. We cook on our authentic Parrilla, the traditional Uruguayan way, which naturally intensifies flavour.


Our beef is 100% grazed and finished on natural grasses and is certified ‘Never Ever’. This guarantees they have ‘Never Ever’ been given Antibiotics, Hormones, Growth promoters or fed grain. The result is a healthy product with a natural taste, which is high in omega 3, Vitamin E, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s), is high in nutrients and low in saturated fats.


Head Chef Jonnie Pratt creates seasonal menus, serving the very finest Uruguayan inspired dishes, alongside a variety of tantalizing starters, sides and sauces.

We use a specially grown Organic Holly Oak for our Parrilla, creating a hot burning charcoal, which naturally enhances flavours.

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